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The software development industry has room for growth as there is considerable demand in this industry with more businesses adopting software programs that will allow for improved efficiency and lower operating costs; this was so as to look for ways to not be affected by the economic downturn. Cloud computing capabilities have created several advances for companies who have realized the positive effect of virtual offices and the savings implications for the company. This technology has helped companies to not only reduce overhead but increase productivity as well.

Another plus for companies are virtualizations which not only allow them to eliminate several server farms but has made IT infrastructure more economical and flexible while slashing operating costs. There are moderate barriers for new businesses that wish to enter this industry; however, certain product segments have a higher barrier than others. One common thing in this industry is patents which serve as a means of limiting competition, even though some companies willingly license their patented technology. We are in business to develop software for general purposes and for specific purposes to our various clients. We have in place training services and we also offer technical support in line with our business. Our location is very strategic in the sense that we are close to manufacturing firms as well as technology giants and other big businesses here in Dhakathat will ensure that we have an edge over other software companies in other parts of Bangladesh.

We are in business to not only make profit but to also compete favorably against other software development companies in the industry and attain our vision of being the preferred software development company for clients all over the World.

We intend to ensure that we demonstrate fair business ethics in every point of our business. We hold ourselves accountable for our high standards and ensure that all our employees are not only attuned to but display this standards at all times in order to positively promote the company.

As a result of this, we are willing to go the extra mile by putting in structures, processes and planes in place to ensure that we get the best professionals who not only have the expertise but are also competent and know how to take our company from where we are to where we intend to be.

Our employees have welfare packages that are currently amongst the best in the whole industry amongst similar start-ups such as ours. We have also provided a conducive environment for all our employees in order to ensure that they remain productive at all times in order to improve the bottom line of the company. We offer excellent customer services that have been known to retain a high number of our clients. All our customer service executives have been trained to know how to respond to customers and are also updated as regards the industry trends in order to ensure that reliable information is passed to our clients. Finally, the expertise of both our owners, {name of Owners} in software development and business management is a great plus as both are not only Best graduates but also have more than 30 years of combined experience that will ensure that Setcolbd attains its goals and objectives in time.

Setcolbd intends to deal in several services whilst also generating revenue that would boost our bottom line tremendously. These several services will be added to our core service and should keep us favorably disposed to compete against our competitors.

We however intend to ensure that all our multiple sources of income which include training and technical support are in line with what is obtainable in the industry and accordingly to the laws of Bangladesh. Therefore some of the services and products we will engage in are;

  • Developing of software according to clients’ specifications
  • Sale of software
  • Offering of subscriptions for our software
  • Charging of license fees for our software
  • Charging by transaction
  • Advertisements on our software
  • Training services
  • Technical support

Our Vision Statement

Our vision atSetcolbd is to be distinct from other software development companies by creating software that suits the diverse needs of our end users, and to be the preferred software firm for users in Bangladesh.

Our Mission Statement

In order to achieve our vision, we have on hand the best software developers that will ensure that we attain our goal of being the preferred software company and in meeting all the diverse software needs of our customers here in Bangladesh.

Our Business Structure

We know how important it is to have the right business structure for our software development company as getting it right from the start will eliminate most hitches that will crop up relating to our structure during the course of running the business. For this purpose, we intend to hire only competent and professionals in the available positions in our company.

Due also to the fact that we intend to run a wide range of services, we intend to ensure that we employ those that are capable of filling in these different positions. All our employees are those who understand the industry well and who are attuned with our vision and are committed to ensuring that we attain these goals and objectives.

We are also prepared to ensure that our workers are well paid and have welfare packages that are the best in similar categories across start-ups such as ours in the industry. We will also ensure that the working environment is not only conducive but is one that will enhance their skills and make them more productive.


Our strengths are numerous and lie in the fact that we have the right business structure that will ensure that we conquer this industry. Our software developers are the best there is and have the expertise and experience to enable us attain our goals and objectives.

We are also involved in ensuring that our software pass through quality process, reason we have external testers who run several tests on any of our software before it is released. Finally, our owners have the necessary experience that would make our being at the top a piece of cake, as both have more than 30 years’ experience in the software industry both as developers and in managerial positions.


There are few weaknesses that we identified for Setcolbd and they include the fact that we were going to develop software that were not really different from what our competitors were offering. Also, there is the other fact that we are located in an area where there are other software companies, making our location a bit saturated. We are however confident that we would be able to battle whatever weaknesses might crop up during the course of running or starting the business.


There are so many opportunities available to us as there are new market segments that we have identified which would likely generate money for us. There are so many strategic alliances which we would engage in so as to have a foot into other target markets and generate more revenue for our bottom line.

We also have the opportunity of moving into the international market as our software is such that has no boundary limits. Finally, we would fully tap into the internet in order to promote and increase awareness for our brand.


Threats are external factors that cannot be controlled by a business; however any serious business should not only be prepared for threats but also have ways by which these threats will not be allowed to totally affect the business. Some of the threats we would likely face at Setcolbd are; the arrival of a new competitor into our location, engaging in price wars with competitors, dealing with government policies that might have an effect on our industry. We are fully prepared for any threats we are likely to face, as we have strategies on ground to battle such threats.

Market Trends

The trend in the software industry is that most software firms or companies are located in clusters in identifiable locations. This is due to certain facts such as these companies wanting to be close for competitive and industry purposes and also most software companies depend on one another to be able to carry out certain functions or complete certain specific tasks for clients.

This does not however mean that there aren’t software companies in other locations or that software companies in these other locations cant still get jobs done. To however remain relevant, software companies must always remain innovative and unique in their offerings and services.

Another trend with software companies is in its publicity and promotion activities. To be able to attract the much needed awareness and also attract clients that would pay money for the firms’ products, software companies have engaged in strong promotional activities either by hiring brand consultants or getting an in-house team or deploying both methods to draft the strategies that would enable it be recognized in the industry. Intense promotional activities will also help in getting a huge share of the market.

Lastly, software cannot work without any device and so goes hand in hand with new or existing technology; which is why most software companies try to partner with technology firms so as to create new software or upgrade existing software for these firms. This goes to show that software industry is dependent on the technology and manufacturing industry in order to survive or thrive.

Our Target Market

Almost everyone makes use of software and have either bought directly from the developers or indirectly via owning a device. This means that the target market for any software development company is wide. We however have mapped out a strategy that would allow us gain a vital share of the target market.

One of our first strategies is in conducting a thorough market research that would enable us understand the market we are to go into and know what they expect from us and what our obligations are towards them. The result of the market research of the market research showed that we were in business to develop software or offer other kinds of related services to the following people;

  • FMCG
  • Production & Distribution Company
  • Corporate organizations
  • Entertainment industry
  • Educational institutions
  • IT farms
  • Hospitals
  • Accounting farms
  • Financial institutions
  • Small businesses
  • Agricultural sector
  • Military and defense sector
  • Other software companies

Our Competitive Advantage

Just like any other business that is established to make profit, we hope to be able to compete favorably against our competitors in the same industry. Our vision is to be the preferred software development company for our clients all over the world and to achieve this, we intend to come up with competitive strategies that would enable us attain our goals and objectives. We intend to ensure that the software developed for general purposes will come in different categories that will be convenient for all our users.

We have assembled a high team of software developers as well as management team who are not only highly experienced and who understand how to handle a start-up and make it become a force to be reckoned with nationally. Our staffs are also attuned to our core values and principles and understand the importance of projecting the image of the company positively to our customers – potential and existing. Another competitive advantage that we have to our favor is our excellent customer service culture which is already resounding across the industry as one of the best of start-ups of our size. Our customer executives are highly trained and are always updated on industry trends so as to be able to give our customers the correct information at all times.

Finally, because we know how important it is for our employees to be happy always, we are committed to treating them right. Our management team has a stake in the company’s profits and our lower cadre employees have incentives built into their welfare packages. All this is to enable our employees remain happy and productive.


We are SETCOLBD which is a concern of Bangladesh. The reason we exist is because of the mastermind who created big brands like Symphony Mobile, Pickaboo.com, Symphony electronics and Home appliance, Edison Properties etc.


SETCOLBD Ltd is the National leader in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to Government and private organizations as well. Our leadership team is deeply committed to create value for our customers and society and to continuously improve. We design and develop smartphone Applications &Games , Graphic & Animation, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security and Training and Human Resource Development.

Why Choose Us

We intend to ensure that the software developed for general purposes will come in different categories that will be convenient for all our users.

Our vision is to be the preferred software development company for our clients all over the world and to achieve this, we intend to come up with competitive strategies that would enable us attain our goals and objectives.Our staffs are also attuned to our core values and principles and understand the importance of projecting the image of the company positively to our customers – potential and existing.

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