Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System details||Custom

SETCOLBD Inventory management system is most essential part for not only medium to large enterprise business but also for growing up small businesses. This software ensure customers to maintain minimum stocks in their inventory and ensures the smooth operation of the business. As mismanaged inventory means disappointed customers and uncontrolled inventory means too much cash to be tied up in warehouse with slower sales. other factors like quicker production cycles, a proliferation of products, multi-ventor product and the nature ot of the big box store makes nacessary to have an inventory managemnt system. System must have the ability to track sales and available inventory, communicate with suppliers in near-time and receive and incorporate other data such as seasonal demand or trend. Our inventory management system will ensure your timr of order placement and purchase time.


  • Basic Inventory Control
  • Barcoding & Scanning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Accounting Integration
  • Lot Tracking
  • Support For Kits
  • Production Quantity
  • Factory or product wise stock
  • Sales Stock
  • Warehouse demand
  • Production demand
  • Sales demand
  • Custom features